English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At Cheltenham Muscat, our principal language of instruction is English.

We acknowledge that many of our pupils are learning in their non-native language and therefore offer excellent EAL programmes to ensure that all pupils can fully access the curriculum. Our EAL programmes offer pupils group sessions and one-to-one tuition. We also provide additional teaching and learning resources, online activities, and mentoring. Pupils attending additional EAL lessons will be consistently monitored, with regular assessments to track progress.

An extra charge is applied for additional EAL support identified either at the time of your child being admitted or as they progress through the school.

Learning Support

Our dedicated Learning Support Department is equipped to oversee the requirements of children with mild to moderate Special Educational Needs (SEN). All children requiring learning support have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The department supports teachers in incorporating their pupil’s IEPs into their lesson planning, ensuring that their needs are catered for in all contexts.

In addition, the Learning Support Department offers individual or small group lessons for children who require more focused support to access the curriculum.