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Cheltenham Potential

We support our pupils to fulfil their Cheltenham Potential by developing:


By demonstrating intellectual and academic rigour through independent learning.

By developing interest and talent both within and beyond the classroom.

By harnessing an attitude to succeed in today’s complex society through sound judgement, compassion, and integrity.

Through a commitment to the service of others and a readiness to contribute to the common good.

Continuous Excellence
In all of the above – by not giving up and understanding that ‘hard work conquers all’.


Cheltenham Muscat’s academic aims provide all our pupils with the opportunity to learn and develop as individuals and to achieve their potential. We promote genuine personal enquiry and intellectual appetite from a young age.

Children from Pre-Prep all the way to Senior are nurtured to develop their individual talents and interests within and beyond the classroom, whilst fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect for each other.

Our extra-curricular programme lead pupils to develop a strong character and the skills needed in a complex, fast-changing, global economy. Our focus on friendliness and community align with deep-rooted Omani values. Cheltenham Muscat contributes to the wider community.

Pupils are encouraged and guided to fulfil their Cheltenham Potential. Life at Cheltenham Muscat offers the opportunity to spark and develop interests in a variety of areas in the classroom, on the sports pitches, the stage and beyond. The school motto is ‘hard work conquers all’ and there is no better way to go about achieving your Cheltenham Potential.

I am so glad I came to Cheltenham. You get to know everyone quickly and people really look after you. We work together, support each other and people are proud to achieve. We all love our community.

– Current Pupil, Cheltenham UK