Why Cheltenham Muscat?

A young person educated at Cheltenham Muscat is a well-rounded, ambitious individual who is equipped to define themselves and their future lives.

A Cheltenham Muscat education is illustrated by the following characteristics that will set your child apart.

180 Years of Outstanding Education

Cheltenham Muscat is the first 3 – 18 boys and girls school in Oman to partner with a UK premium school, Cheltenham College, bringing 180 years of outstanding practice, expertise and tradition.

The Cheltenham Potential

Achieved through an all-round education and an emphasis on outstanding pastoral care because we recognise that children thrive in a caring and supportive environment. An academic focus and extensive extra-curricular programme provides the opportunity to gain entry to the world’s top universities.

Specialist Teaching

In most schools, general class teachers cover all subjects until Grade 6. Uniquely, our passionate and highly qualified teachers offer specialist teaching in all subjects from Grade 5, with some extending all the way to KG1. This means scientists teach Science, mathematicians teach Maths and artists teach Art. Indeed, all subjects are taught by subject specialists, who offer far greater depth than general class teachers unlocking your child’s full potential.

Extended Day

Whilst most schools finish around 1:30pm, Cheltenham Muscat has an extended school day until 3:45pm. Pupils study a broad and balanced curriculum, and enjoy many opportunities to discover interests and talents beyond the classroom all within the school day. In addition, after school clubs are also available.
State of the Art Facilities

State of the Art Facilities

Designed by award winning architects, Cheltenham Muscat has premium state-of-the-art facilities which are among the finest in the Middle East. These include a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Centre, a 450-capacity Theatre and a Sports Academy.