Pastoral Care

The health and wellbeing of our pupils is an integral part of school life.

Making sure pupils feel happy, safe, and supported at school is the most effective way to ensure they fulfil their potential.

Pastoral care is the responsibility of every adult in the school. Their commitment is to foster a genuine and familiar sense of belonging so that each child is known individually and feels secure in every endeavour. This also enables us to identify when a little extra care and attention may be needed and act immediately.

All staff at Cheltenham are highly skilled and trained in pastoral care, so that every pupil can be an active member of their tutor group and the wider school community.

Our house system builds loyalty, pride and belonging where pupils enjoy the chance to mix with older and younger years, creating a deeper sense of community, inclusivity, and responsibility. They also, of course, benefit from this valuable source of friendly rivalry and competition.

Throughout the year we recognise such things as mental health awareness, antibullying and online safety.

While we hope that everyone enjoys their time at school we recognise that many children can have their ups and downs, so the pastoral team is further supported by a school counsellor.

Central to our pastoral care is the partnership we develop with families. When your child joins the school, we begin the process of engaging in a continuous dialogue with you to ensure that care is collaborative, proactive, and personal.