At Cheltenham Muscat, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. We believe that to achieve our vision of giving every child the best possible all-round education and care, enrichment activities and sport must be integrated with the curriculum during the school day.

Whilst most international schools finish around 1:30pm, Cheltenham Muscat has an extended school day until 3.45pm with additional optional activities available into the evening

 Our extended day ensures every pupil is given opportunities to discover interests and talents beyond the classroom, helping them to build character, teamworking skills and self-confidence.

Sports for All

Cheltenham UK has a rich heritage of sporting success. On the sport field alone, they participate in over fifteen different competitive sports. The concept of inclusivity in sports is endorsed at Cheltenham Muscat where pupils of all ability levels have the chance to both participate and compete whilst utilising the phenomenal sport facilities available to every pupil.

Taking the Stage

All pupils at Cheltenham Muscat are encouraged to explore their talents, express their personalities and use their imagination. Cheltenham Muscat offers a range of opportunities from individual music lessons, choir and instrumental ensembles to annual school plays and concerts.

Academic Extension

We also believe in inspiring pupils to explore subjects in more depth. Our Academic Extension activities are an integral part of Cheltenham life and include society meetings, debating, educational trips and visits. The programme not only embeds a love of learning that will last a lifetime but also supports applications to universities.

Community and the Environment

Community and charity work are an essential component of Cheltenham Muscat’s ethos. Pupils at the school are encouraged to support the local Muscat and Seeb community. The school buildings have been purpose-built to ensure a low carbon footprint. Pupils are taught to be environmentally responsible and work on a variety of projects focused on sustainability.