Grade 9 to 12

A strong work ethic and a desire to enquire are fostered from the very start, with intellectual curiosity carefully nurtured and encouraged.

We achieve this through excellent innovative teaching, dynamic ideas, and a supportive culture where teachers are also personal mentors. The work of every pupil is overseen by his or her tutor, whose involvement often leads to higher levels of achievement than had first been predicted.

Cheltenham Muscat offers a full two-year IGCSE programme across a diverse range of subjects to ensure pupils have a choice and can explore their interests.

In Grade 11 they will begin their A Level course or GED qualification. A broad range of subjects choices will be available which ultimately will provide pupils with the best opportunity to gain a place at a top university.

The Cheltenham IGCSE Pathway

At Cheltenham Muscat pupils can take two or three years to complete their GCSE programme.