Pastoral Care

All staff at Cheltenham Muscat are skilled and trained in pastoral care. Making sure that children feel happy, safe, and supported at school is the most effective way to help them fulfil their potential.

We foster a genuine sense of belonging so that each boy and girl is known individually and feels secure. This enables us to identify when a little extra care and attention may be needed.

Each child is part of a house which builds loyalty, pride and belonging. Pupils enjoy the chance to mix with older and younger grades, creating a deeper sense of community, inclusivity, and responsibility.


Alongside the academic curriculum all children are supported by a broad and in-depth programme of lessons within their tutor groups, structured to equip them with the skills they need as they progress through school and beyond. These include study skills, activities and other strategies based on our PSHE programme, ‘FLOREAT’, which nurtures our pupils’ social and emotional development.


Failure is feedback for learning
Look after health and well-being
Open to opportunities and to others
Resilience: reflect and improve
Effort brings reward
Ambitious to grow in all areas
Trusted and learn for themselves