At our Prep, we have clear goals and a focused approach to achieving them.

We aim to foster a ‘growth’ mindset and a ‘can-do’ attitude, both inside and outside the classroom. While your child progresses through the Prep, we take personal pride in helping him or her to blossom.

Lower Prep

Children enter Lower Prep in Grade 3 and our aim is for them to develop a life-long love for learning. We achieve this by bringing subjects to life. New topics, for instance, may begin with special immersion days that involve dressing up or themed activities, helping to encourage creativity and engagement. Children have their lessons in dedicated Prep facilities. The warmth of a familiar environment as they continue their journey in Cheltenham Muscat means that they can focus on fully embracing the subjects they learn and forming friendships.

In Lower Prep, children are increasingly asked to take more responsibility for their work. Assessments gradually become more formalised and children receive more specialist teaching. We largely follow the Cambridge Primary Programme but with the flexibility to personalise learning journeys in order to foster individual interests and cater to individual needs. Throughout this period, we nurture ‘curious minds’ and create a fun and engaging environment through thematic and project based learning.

In Grades 3 and 4, children are taught by their class teacher for the majority of their subjects in mixed ability classes. Specialist teachers are introduced to deliver Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, languages, PE and Swimming.

Outside the classroom there is dedicated play time and a wealth of opportunities to join clubs and to take part in activities so that children can develop and explore their interests.

Middle and Upper Prep

Unlike other co-educational schools in Oman, children in Grades 5 to 8 are taught by subject specialist teachers throughout – Maths, English, Science, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Humanities, IT, PE, Swimming, Music, Art, DT and PSHE. Lessons are taught in dedicated, well-equipped subject classrooms. Click here to find out more about these facilities.

Our subject specialist approach allows children to engage with a broad curriculum, whilst unlocking talents and discovering interests for particular topics. It also gives them the chance to expand their perceived academic boundaries in preparation for Cheltenham Muscat Senior.

As they progress through Middle and Upper Prep, children advance from the Cambridge Primary Programme to the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme. We also encourage them to take greater levels of responsibility for organising themselves and for demonstrating leadership potential.