Life in our Pre-Prep

Throughout their time at Cheltenham Muscat Pre-Prep, children develop into independent and inquisitive learners who are confident both in themselves and their environment.


Our nurturing environment enables our experienced teachers to get to know their children extremely well. We get to know what inspires and ignites interest in each child and as a result can personalise their school experience to suit their individual needs and styles.

We are fortunate to be able to offer very favourable staffing ratios, with each class teacher in the Pre-Prep being supported by a full-time teaching assistant so that all the children receive the support they need to fulfil their potential.


Our door is always open to parents. In the morning we operate a flexible drop off, giving your child precious time to settle and giving you the chance to talk to our staff or to other parents. We keep you up to date on your child’s activities with timetables and information boards outside each classroom.

We also send home a weekly e-newsletter so you can see for yourself how much fun your little ones are having. Regular coffee mornings give you an opportunity to meet other parents, and our curriculum workshops are a unique way of helping you to understand what is being taught in the classroom and to reinforce it at home.


Our Pre-Prep is designed to make the learning experience irresistible and memorable. We encourage learning to continue beyond the classroom walls, with excellent opportunities to use outdoor learning areas as well as an extensive internal shared learning space. Click here for more information about our facilities.